Why do we exist

Facing more diversity and challenges in national markets, PROsPA aknowledged the potential within this international network, and wants to activate it.
Members of the Alliance advocate for the full implementation and enforcement of EU waste legislation already in effect and support further improvements and targets:

  • Harmonisation of rules on calculating and reporting to ensure validity on the data on overall recovery and recycling levels provided by member states.
  • Preserve and strengthen the principle of EPR for packaging through active involvement of obliged companies in the setup, organisation, and performance of packaging recovery schemes via their chosen PRO.
  • Preserve flexibility for national implementation of EPR, recognising the importance of local, regional and national stakeholders in deciding on the most suitable model for different situations.
  • Ensure consistent operational and quality requirements for all EPR schemes on a national level that ensure a “level playing field” between competing schemes.
  • Assignment of clear roles and responsibilities to all stakeholders in the packaging’s lifecycle with particular emphasis on the collection and recycling chain. Responsibility for costs has to be clearly attributable – each stakeholder can only be responsible for the costs it can influence.
  • Scale-up high quality sorting and recycling and develop well-functioning markets for secondary raw materials in Europe.
  • What are our goals

    To actively contribute to maximizing the resource efficiency of packaging, e.g. by further developing EPR, eco-designing, recovery and recycling as parts of the circular economy, which will benefit the environment, the economy, and consumers by extending the materials’ life cycles:

    To deliver solutions which achieve prescribed targets and associated environmental benefits at a sustainable cost and in the interests of the members and customers of the Alliance’s participating PROs.

    To generate alignment on key issues in the field of packaging recovery and producer responsibility, while recognising the diversity of implementation models in the different member states.

    To promote exchange and cooperation along the packaging value chain.