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    Expert Talk “Eco-modulation of EPR fees as a tool towards a circular economy”

    - by prospaadmin

    Expert Talk “Eco-modulation of EPR fees as a tool towards a circular economy"

    Tuesday, 09 October 2018 | 10h00 – 14h00 | EURACTIV network office, Brussels

    At EU level, eco-modulation of fees in EPR systems have been identified and promoted as a key lever for eco-design and a circular economy, especially for (plastics) packaging. However, the European debate is still in its infancy. Neither the concrete definition nor the design of the desired eco-modulation has been settled.

    The event will gather EU and national experts from along the value chain to provide orientation on the status quo, link the different ongoing discussions, and to map the way forward by identifying and discussing crossroads and open questions.

    Aim of the event is to generate well-conceived solutions in order to feed into the setup of EU guidelines for eco-modulation of EPR fees – to be presented in 2019.

    Please download the event agenda above.